The third generation Magnum wheel lift has evolved over the past years to be one of the strongest and most durable wheel lift in the industry.

The Magnum was designed for one ton, dual wheel, pickup trucks and is the most efficient way for you to have a repo or recovery vehicle. The under body design allows you to have a tow vehicle without losing the bed of the truck. Removable L arms are also an added benefit.

Magnum wheel lift has a fixed focal point which allows for fewer moving parts to allow less wear and tear on the equipment. The wheel lift boom is set up in three stages ,with the first two being manufactured exclusively for the Magnum with 3/8" walls, which allows for a full 72" reach. It also has thrush washer wear pads at the king pin for the strongest boom in a light wheel lift.

This unit has the option of fluid power 6 function standard pump at 1.5 gpm or the 6 function double pump at 3.25 gpm; both of which are electric over hydraulic; and there is always the option of the clutch pump.


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Turn your pickup into a tow truck with the Magnum Hydraulic Lift or Unilift / Slickster!

Used by Auto Dealers, Transmission and Repair Shops, Salvage and Auto Recovery / Repo

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