Magnum III Wheel Lift

Light weight and durable

Third Generation Wheel Lift From Pruitt Enterprises Featuring a new hydraulic draw bar with a 72" Reach
3500 lbs Lift (fully extended)
7500 lbs. Towing capacity.

Tow Magnum has been manufacturing and supplying their own line of no-nonsense recovery equipment to the towing industry for over 30 years. During that time the Uni-lift, a bolt on, fully self contained hydraulic T-bar or repo sling under lift, became a best seller within the ranks of independent repo operators as an affordable option to buying a wrecker. During a recent repo convention it was brought to their attention that even with the advent of the all plastic and fiberglass front ends it is still one of the most diverse units on the market today.

As the industry changed, wheel lifts and carriers became the only options for the repo man, thus the development of the Magnum Wheel-lift. The Magnum is a self loading wheel lift designed for 1 ton, dual wheel pickups with a 3 stage draw bar with a 72" reach.

Tow Magnum also designed an affordable system for waste bin delivery called the Kan-Do. It has proven to be an efficient alternative for the large bin delivery trucks.


Turn your pickup into a tow truck with the Magnum Hydraulic Lift or Unilift / Slickster!

Used by Auto Dealers, Transmission and Repair Shops, Salvage and Auto Recovery / Repo

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